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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Simple Health Steps making a big Difference!

How to fight the war on obesity is an item that many people have debated.  I have had my own struggles with weight in the past, so I understand how easy it is to become overweight in our society.  Fast food has made unhealthy dining a cheap, convenient alternative to eating right, and technological advancements in personal transportation have reduced the level of physical activity that many of us will undergo. 

This morning, I read an article about a study that was done in New York, which has shown dramatic effects on increasing a preventative health measure that could make a dramatic impact in the health of many people! This incredible advancement making such a huge impact? A simple sign, telling people to burn calories, not electricity, by taking the stairs, conveniently located next to the elevator.  Click the link below to read this interesting article, and find out what an impact taking the stairs can make!

I Saw The Sign … And It Made Me Take The Stairs

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