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Friday, February 10, 2012

Tips to Success

This week I was fortunate to listen to a panel of F.C. Tucker's agents who were able to make impressive increases in their business from 2010 to 2011 discuss their tips for increasing their success. As I sat listening, I gained valuable insight, motivation, and realized that many of their ideas were not only helpful to real estate professionals, but could be put to use in anyone's life in order to help increase their success. Some of these tips might seem basic, but often in life it is the most basic things that we take for granted and simply overlook.

When things get hard, start working harder!
This concept seems simple enough, but even in my own experience when things get tough, it's easy to get discouraged. I take pride in being a hard worker even when things seem difficult, and have often been complimented on this. People will notice when you go above and beyond, and will speak highly of you. If you're working in a position where your job changes based on economic fluctuations, learn to adapt to these changes and keep chugging along.

Focus on your attitude!
Service with a smile, no matter what the situation will make people remember you. Whether the situation is a walk in the park, or a difficult customer, you have control over your attitude. People who are able to face problems head on, and do so with a good attitude, leave a lasting impression that customers love to talk about. Word of mouth advertising is highly effective, and your attitude will greatly affect how people perceive you.

Learn to recognize what you can and can't change!
There are some instances in which you MUST learn to adapt to a situation because there is nothing you can do to change it. By learning to recognize the difference in these situations, you won't waste time and energy trying to change situations that you will ultimately fail at changing.

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