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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Technology in the house

Technology has made a major impact on day to day life for all of us.  Advancements in technology have changed the way we do almost everything, including the way we communicate, travel, and even our lives at home.  Thanks to cell phones and cable Internet connections, you will be hard pressed to find too many people who still have a land-line phone.  Through the creation of social media and text messaging, even talking on the phone or sending an email is becoming an archaic form of communication for some.  While people learn to grow and adapt all sorts of new technology, it is interesting to see how it can be utilized in the home.

As I had mentioned previously, the Internet has been a huge leap forward for tech in the home.  Almost everyone I know has a high-speed connection in their home.  Thanks to search engines like Google, people can go online and quickly find where to purchase goods and services, as well as finding reviews on the products or providers they are viewing.  The Internet has also changed the way people view home projects.  Landscaping ideas, and other home renovation projects can now be done by homeowners more easily since step-by-step guides, and even how-to videos can be found online through a quick search!

I am excited to watch technology change, and to see how this can make changes to aspects of our life that we take for granted.  I recently stumbled across an article that shows how scientists have discovered a way to turn a person into their own key to their front door.  Over at, they wrote an article entitled Doors Unlock With Keyed Vibrations Sent From Your Smartphone Through Your Bones  Simply put, they have found a way to utilize a smart phone, or wrist watch, to send vibrations through the bones in your hand that sync up with a specific vibration pattern to unlock your front door to your home!  The article goes on to explain other aspects of our life that could be drastically changed by this technology!

This idea has a futuristic quality about it that might put some people off, but there are other forms of technology that have been developed that change the way people can utilize space in their homes more effectively.  This video shows furniture that has been designed to help utilize space in smaller apartments in cities such as New York.  Even though this furniture may not be necessary in your home, the technology that has been designed to create this furniture could eventually be utilized to enhance storage areas for homes that may be lacking in closets or other space.  

Technology continues to be developed at a rapid pace with the goal of making our lives easier.  Let me know your thoughts on the technology described here, or any other innovations that might have made your life easier.  As always, feel free to share with a friend!

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