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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New technology for a futuristic look

As a Realtor, I have come to realize that a basic understanding of ever changing technology is critical to stay current in this industry.  Technology has not only had a major impact on the way we handle transactions, but it has also had an impact on what consumers are looking for.  Styles and trends are constantly changing, and these changes come in more forms than simple color schemes and furniture styles.  While an understanding of what type of accessories and decorations are in style is helpful for an agent, I feel that it is also important to keep up with changing trends in technology in the home. 

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Rapid advancements in technology have fueled innovation and development for several items found in the home.  Take for example the Nest Leaf, a thermostat that cuts energy costs by 20%-30% by learning your heating and cooling patterns.  Through artificial intelligence and an easy to use interface, this system offers home owners an option that has never before existed.  Over time, this thermostat monitors and "learns" the patterns of people in the home, and will develop a heating and cooling pattern based upon manual changes to the temperature, and the presence of people in the room through motion sensors.  Any changes from the pattern the Leaf has developed on its own are stored and used to further develop a pattern to help cut energy costs through efficient heating an cooling.  This is simply one example of exciting technology that is helping to develop the home of the future.

Design Your Way posted an article with some amazing examples of other technology that I found simply amazing! 30 Cool High Tech Gadgets To Give Your Home A Futuristic Look has an incredible list of amazing technology.  Check out the article, and let me know which gadget you think would be the best to have in your home in the comments below!

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