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Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Fun

I have always been a hard worker, driven to succeed in everything that I do.  Long hours and hard work have never been things that I have shied away from.  Going out of my way to make things happen for my friends, family, and clients is just how I am wired.  It is this drive that often times pushes people too hard, forcing them to give up their precious personal time. Time that should be spent relaxing and enjoying the company of others, building relationships, and sharing laughs!  Luckily, the city I live in offers plenty of opportunities to take the time to relax with friends and family!

 Evansville, the River City, offers a beautiful riverfront that offers a wonderful spot for people who love the outdoors.  The Greenway Passage, a paved walkway along the river front and along Pigeon Creek, is a great way to get some exercise with a great view, a view that is utilized by many for awesome photo opportunities.

Every summer, along the river, the Hadi Shriners put on an outdoor festival with food, games, and other outdoor entertainment.  This festival offers something for everyone, and is a great fundraiser for the Shriners.

With these great options for fun and enjoyment, there is plenty of opportunity to get away from the daily grind.  Let me know what other options you like in the comments below, share with your friends and family, and follow my blog to keep up with all of my posts!  Friend me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter to keep up with everything I ever post!

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