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Friday, July 13, 2012

Too many apps to choose from?

It's no secret that smartphone usage is on the rise.  According to a study by eMarketer, smartphone users account for 38% of all mobile phone users, and that number is expected to continue to increase.  The graphic at the right shows their recent growth projections. With over 100 million smartphone users projected for 2012, it's safe to say, there are almost just as many app users.

I've been using a smartphone for a few years now, and I honestly can't remember how I ever lived without one!  One of my favorite aspects of using a smartphone is the vast amount of apps available, to help with any number of things you could ever ask for.

One aggravating aspect that often arises is trying to locate the best app for your needs.  Both the iPhone App Store and the Android Market offer more options than anyone could ever need for every aspect of your life!  I generally like to download and utilize apps that are recommended highly by others.  Knowing that they have been tried, tested, and received positive reviews helps me to decide the best apps to utilize.  Thankfully, Lifehacker posted articles outlining what they feel are the best apps for iPhones and Android phones.

Take a look at these lists, and let me know your thoughts on your favorite apps in the comments below.  Share this info with your friends and family, and follow my blog to keep up with all my posts.  Friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter to keep up with every thing I ever post!

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