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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Extra socks laying around?

Let's face it, all of us have an unmatched sock or two lying around the house.  No matter how hard I try to keep my socks matched up every time I do laundry, it's inevitable that I lose one every once in a while.  In the past, I used to throw out any unmatched sock I came across...almost every time that happened, I would come across it's match in the next few days.  Once I started hanging onto them, it seemed that their matches never turned up, and I began accumulating a pile of used socks that I had no use for.  I began using my unmatched socks as rags for cleaning around the house and washing my car.

This got me wondering, what other uses might there be for old socks?  Stylelist Home had a great post about several ideas for New Uses for Old Socks that offers lots of ideas that most of us wouldn't think of.  From a few therapeutic uses, to additional cleaning supplies, and even pet toys, old socks offer a plethora of uses!  Take a look at this post to find some interesting uses you may not have thought of!

Let me know which idea is your favorite, or any other ideas you might have in the comments below!  As always, feel free to share this info with your friends and family, and follow my blog to keep up with all my posts.  Friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter to keep up with everything I ever post!

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