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Friday, September 28, 2012

Still a great time to buy!

I have posted several times in the past why NOW is a great time to buy a home.  Interest rates remain at historical lows and the cost to purchase a home is cheaper than renting in almost every major market in America.  In addition, moving into the fall month's can be an advantage when thinking of purchasing a home. Many people view this time of year as the "slow season" for real estate.  At times, there are fewer Buyer's who are looking to make a move, so a savvy purchaser may be able to spot a deal.

As school starts back up, and people are preparing for the Holidays, many Buyer's decide to wait until warmer weather to begin their home search.  Sellers who have their homes on the market may begin noticing a lag in showings and rather than have their homes sit on the market another few months, they may be willing to negotiate a lower price to get their home sold.

F.C. Tucker Emge posted a link to a great article on Twitter about pitfalls to avoid when purchasing a home in the fall that can help you make a great purchase this fall.  Check out this information, and share with your friends and family who might be interested in making a purchase this fall.  Feel free to friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter and let me know if I can ever help you or anyone you know buy or sell a home!

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