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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Remodeling offering greater returns!

Have you ever thought about doing a remodeling project in your home, but you're just not sure the return will be worth your investment?  This is a very typical question that everyone asks themselves before undertaking any significant remodeling work around the house.  Typically the kitchen and bathrooms offer the highest return on your investment when it comes to major remodeling projects; however, over the past few years, even these returns have not been as high as in the past.  According to MSN Real Estate, it appears 2013 may offer slightly higher returns than the pas few years.

While not all remodeling projects offer the same return on investment, there are plenty of projects that can be done to maximize your return. Remodeling: A slightly better value in 2013, is a great article that offers a great projection for what 2013 remodeling projects will offer for returns, as well as providing ideas for remodeling projects that offer the biggest rewards.  One point that is made in the article that bears repeating is the non-monetary benefit of remodeling projects in the home.  According to the article, "Money spent on improvements may reward home sellers with a shorter time on the market, Alfano said in an interview. Remodeling jobs often pay back with deep enjoyment even when they don't contribute to a family's bottom line.", which is often more desirable than the return on investment.

Check out the article for more information on how to maximize returns on your remodeling projects, and share this information with anyone you know who is thinking of doing some work around the house.  Let me know your favorite tips and tricks to remodeling in the comments below, and follow my blog to keep up with my posts.  Friend me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter to keep up with everything I ever post!

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