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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Keeping your valuables safe at home.

Keeping valuables in a safe place is not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination.  As long as people have had items that they have considered valuable, they have wanted a way to safeguard their belongings to ensure that other people could not get their hands on them. Ensuring the security of one's valuables has not always been undertaken in the same way, however.  As times have changed, people have kept their valuables in a range of spaces from hidden areas at home to safety deposit boxes at banks.  More recently, manufacturers are noting an increase in sales of home safes, as well as noting that the traditional idea of what a safe is may be changing. 

Due to recent economic downturns, many people have started keeping valuables at home due to low confidence in banks.  Home safes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, affording a homeowner plenty of options to fit their home security needs.

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One of the most common models is the "hotel safe". This compact model offers a small, affordable solution for home owners looking to protect jewelry and other valuables at home.  Most offer a digital, programmable combination system, and are easy to hide in closets or other areas around the home.

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 Other options are available for those looking for a classier design.  Many manufacturer's have noted that several people have opted for these closet safes, which can be built in to closets that already exist in the home.  Some homeowners have turned to the closet safe to help utilize an unsightly hall closet in a more practical way.

Both of these safes offer a great solution as a home security option, but some people have opted for a more secret hiding place.  Several companies have begun creating safes that are hidden in areas that many people would never think to look.

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A prime example of this is the bed safe.  These bed safes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering a variety of concealed storage options.  Many bed safes offer smaller, concealed storage areas built in to the bed frame, while others offer larger capacity storage that remains hidden under the owner's mattress.

Security at some level is important to all of us.  Let me know your thoughts on the different lengths that some people are willing to go to safeguard their belongings, or your thoughts on these different types of safes.  As always, feel free to share this information with your friends or family, and follow my blog to keep up with my posts.

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