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Friday, October 5, 2012

Innovative ideas for stuff around the house

I've always been interested in technology, gadgets, or any type of cool innovations to items that we take for granted every day.  Since I've gotten into real estate, this interest has expanded to include cool changes to everyday items that we all have around the house.  I have posted articles in the past that included cool gadgets or other technological advancements that can be utilized at home to increase energy efficiency (like the nest thermostat that learns your heating/cooling patterns), but there are other neat innovations that I have found that have nothing to do with technological advancements that I find just as interesting!!

Looking through different design ideas, I stumbled across, a site that offers daily design ideas.  This site offers out of this world innovations to everyday items that you have to see to believe!  One cool idea they offer is a shape-shifting table that can be manipulated into round, and even square shapes.  Check out this site and let me know one of your favorite items they offer in the comments below!

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