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Friday, August 3, 2012

Saying the right thing for the right results!

No matter who you are, it is impossible to deny the power of words.  The correct combination of words can be used to paint a picture in the mind of the reader, elicit specific emotions, or provide a detailed description.  Words hold the power to captivate the reader, and transport them to places they've never been, but, on the other hand, if used improperly, a simple string of words can destroy the credibility of the user through improper spelling or grammar.

As a Realtor®, I know just how important choosing the proper words is.  When describing a listing, it is crucial to properly describe the property in a way that makes it appealing, but also to ensure that specific details that may not be readily apparent are brought to light.  MSN Real Estate, posted a great article on just how important choosing the right words is to helping your listing sell as quickly as possible, for the highest price!  Say the right thing: 6 things your home listing should include offers some great information on specific descriptors that a great listing should include.

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